Huuuge Casino™ - Slot Machines

Huuuge Casino™ - Slot Machines

By Huuuge Global Ltd.

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-09-11
  • Current Version: 3.7.1181
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 103.34 MB
  • Developer: Huuuge Global Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 32,163 Reviews

Huuuge Casino™ - Slot Machines App Description

Join the world’s biggest casino community with SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO. Play the best slot casino, compete in leagues, join clubs and have great fun - Las Vegas style. SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO is the ultimate slot casino experience! SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO lets you play over 100 TOP SLOT CASINO MACHINES, POKER, BACCARAT, ROULETTE and many other casino games! Download Slot Machines Huuuge Casino now - The #1 slot casino on mobile! Play the best Slots on the market! SLOTS™ HUUUGE CASINO offers the best Slots in the world, from retro classics to modern slot machines, you’re sure to find something to fit your fancy! Huuuge Diamond Wins – Spin the Wheel of Wins to win billions of Chips. Aztec 2: Eclipse – Discover the secret wins hidden in the Sun and Moon temples. Respin Ranch – Check out the richest animals and hit massive wins! Cash Madness – Hit Huuuge Jackpots in this classic hit! Blaster Cats vs Aliens – Get up to 100 Spins… IN SPACE! Buffalo Rush – Your screen will shake from the massive wins you will hit! The biggest Jackpot of them all! Play HUUUGE LINK – a set of four Slots that share a truly HUUUGE Grand Jackpot to see how easy it is to win massive Jackpots in no time! Prepare to be amazed with the wonders of Ancient Egypt and China in this amazing Slot adventure. Join a Club and compete in the Billionaire League! The Billionaire League is an amazing place where you can play with your friends in order to compete for the best prizes and earn your bragging rights against the top spinners in the world! Join your friends in a Club, or create a Club of your own Meet awesome new people and spin together Win awesome rewards for your dedication Spin your Club to Masters League glory. It’s not just Slots Huuuge Casino offers way more than Slots! If you’re not a slot maniac, we have other casino games that we’re sure will give you that same winning thrill! Video Poker – Awesome, engaging, with multiple variants Sit’n’Go Hold’em – Play thrilling tournaments! Roulette – Place your bets and win big! Baccarat – Get some old school wins! Awesome Bonuses Huuuge Casino offers many ways to win big on top of the Slots! Get the Betty Bonus in the Lobby every 15 minutes! Visit the Shop every day to collect an additional bonus! Play the Lottery to win up to ONE BILLION CHIPS! Participate in Daily Giveaways on our Facebook page and via Push Notifications! Install now to receive a Huuuge Welcome Bonus! Read our Terms of Use (, Privacy Policy ( and other important information. Our games are for entertainment only. All points in the game stay in the game and all game points have no cash value. Although in-game currency can be purchased for real money or won during gameplay, none of the items in the game have any cash value. Our games are intended for adult audiences only. The game is intended for a mature audience. The game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or real prizes. Wins made while gambling in social casino games can't be exchanged into real money or real rewards. Past success at social casino gambling has no relationship to future success in real money gambling.


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Huuuge Casino™ - Slot Machines App Reviews

  • Win more often at a real casino

    By thecanman7825
    I have seen real slot machines in casinos pay out more often than this FREE slot machine game.There is no way I would actually spend money on something that you’re guaranteed to lose.Don’t waste your time
  • Don’t waste your money

    By Cujin 337
    This game has some machines with sonsay Huuuge wins but they are huuuge because they don’t pay. I am level 500+ and never got a job over 1b..... let me add I spent hundreds of dollars just to play to win a billion. Some machines have 100n plus that never pay. Why they want you to play hoping you win and you don’t so you spend money trying to just play the game. They have special offers like double pay but you never hit the symbols for double pay so again they take your money. They offer a lottery where you have to buy tickets to win big. You never win there. All they want you to do is buy buy buy. Unless you have money to throw away don’t download this game it’s addictive and fun only while you are spending your money playing.
  • No stars

    By Twinpiper
    You cannot win in this place, you will waste your time and money. It takes everything, no big hits, I lost 15 billion just like that. Switched games all the way. Never hit on any of them. Took it all. STAY AWAY, THIS IS THE WORST SITE EVER!
  • Look at YOUR WIN RATIO

    By DaJuLee
    Look at the win ratio in yours or another player's stats. A far cry from industry standards. Mine was 6% wins compared to their’s at 94%. Luck DOES NOT DICTATE THIS GAME. The statistics in your profile clearly prove that fact! Their responses should say everyone has a fair chance of losing. Developers are doing a great job - of CHASING PEOPLE AWAY. I finally quit when they made the lottery harder to win and lowered the prizes. Another thing about clubs... lots of illegal activity..players selling their accounts with billions. Club leaders soliciting other players to join their clubs. Stay away...and do not spend your money.. you will wind up losing your chips and real money in the end. Read the latest reviews... all unhappy people.
  • Pissedoff

    By phah57
    HUUUGE RIP-OFF. These people are the biggest lying, cheating, ripoffs in the business, just used over 150 lottery tickets and could not get the last piece of the puzzle for 1 billion coins, I watched the prize wheel spin and you could see they have it set for you to not win, this is called fraud. When you are taking money off of people knowing they aren’t getting anything in return, you people need to be sued so they can shut you down. You are a disgrace to the business, I hope you thieves all rot in hell.
  • Regret Joining

    By Gisgusted
    I have been a longtime paying player & Leader of one of the first Clubs established. I have to agree with many’s responses. Customer service works for Huuuge not the players so their training teach them to say whatever it takes to try to pacify the customer but Huuuge is never wrong & makes no mistakes. They say they investigate every incident but I for one know they don’t. I film my play because I have had chips missing, Lp’s not adding correctly, not paid on a JP etc.... In the video I see how they manipulate the odds to steal. If I buy the odds are reduced to zero until it’s all stolen, if I get a bonus that I worked hard and spent a fortune to achieve it’s stolen immediately and any decent hit is stolen double. Now I’m not a stupid person & no matter how hard Customer Support tries to make me look stupid their the ones that make themselves look that way by the garbage they expect us to believe. They push clubs but being in a club is very costly & pits club against club. Players from different clubs don’t even speak or give a like because it’s all out war. They have ruined what was once a Fun & Fair game with their greed. I am giving up leadership because I want to be at a game that all are equal & that doesn’t cater to the Masters clubs but caters to everyone because they appreciate all their players business. I just want Fun & Fairness & Huuuge is neither. I started playing the Quick hits Event tonight, I play it daily for hours & after stealing 6B & paying nothing I quit. Not only do they Rig the Events they also Reduce your Odds to steal ! What their stealing I bought in the past 2 days on the 9.23B offer & I bought a lot & they have stolen over half & paid nothing also stole my level up bonus immediately. Do not download this game, It is a Money Making Scam ! There arę to many other gaming apps that arę Fun & Fair that offer as much if not more.
  • Worst slot game I’ve ever played

    By Icebreaker53
    I downloaded this game thinking it would be fun to play something different and thinking I’d get the excitement of winning chips from a new game, but wow was I wrong, I started out at level 1... spent just about all my chips and ONLY won a slot 3 times out of probably 100 spins or more. Worst odds of winning I’ve ever seen in any game. Got all the way to level 14, went through just about all my chips before just quitting... disappointed.
  • From amazing to garbage

    By Fatalizzzee
    Before I start I want to say changing the diamonds to match Apple guidelines is a garbage excuse for what they did. They could have left the feature to give chips to yourself and remove the gifting part. I absolutely loved this game I was obsessed and played on three phones at a time. Everything worthwhile have been removed or made so impossibly crappy it’s hard to get or not even worth getting. Club jackpot bonuses have be utterly destroyed. Diamonds are useless. Tickets are absolute garbage now Social bonuses are no longer there Used to be able to maintain a playable chip amount with purchases now you’ll be lucky to get 5 minutes playtime at the lowest bet. Players who purchase items that give club chip bonus last way less than other items that can be redeemed in this location, they only last 12 hours. First of all this type of thing shouldn’t expire, some people purchase this item just so their club members can get chips. I don’t try to take my money I spent buying the package back after 12 hours so why are you being so greedy. You show your greed so well with this. This companies greed has ruined this game and you can see it in the reviews. I get it companies goals are profit driven. When people start making too much money they start to get greedy and their greed begins to show at face value. Exactly what has happened to this company, the reason you’re making a lot of money is because we enjoy your game. So it’s pretty obvious by the reviews all the long time players and big money spenders are turning away from this game. If something is doing well you don’t make unnecessary changes. Not run your popular game into the ground making changes that effect your players negatively just for the sake of money. This is how things go downhill. This is the only casino game I have enjoyed and I’ve played them all. I live in Vegas as well and still tend to enjoy this more. Now this game has nothing to offer and I feel bad for players who do not know better. They have not experienced the way this game should truest be, so we need to make it known to potential players that may spend money that it’s wasted here. I really get a kick out of when they attempt to use industry standards for machine payouts. As of now the machines are so tight every single player can tell how much they lowered it. I own a video slot machine at home and can switch winning percentages at will, so let’s say changing it from 3% to .5% is still within industry standard you still made a gigantic difference in the way slots pay out. Think I’ll go back to playing my video machine, has twice as many games as huge casino and I can install more software. As well use real cash. Fair well GREEDY Casino
  • Stay away

    By Lucimon
    The rng in this game has been greatly nerf’d stay away from it
  • Great Potential of great fun

    By Countrydrive
    This slots game is a love /hate app game. I enjoy having Fun. I am going to extend a renewed confidence that Huuuge is going to make a gigantic come back by putting players, players reviews, players customer service, club members that are struggling to get and retain club players first and uppermost in their priorities. This game has dynamite potential to retain players if this is done and maintained. You do this and fun will bring all of us joy and good times. Thank you.