Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

By Epic Action LLC

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  • Release Date: 2017-06-28
  • Current Version:
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 157.59 MB
  • Developer: Epic Action LLC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
App Ratings: 4
Based on 38,916 Reviews

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App Description

Rally your troops, deploy your traps, and prepare for the largest battle the Realm has ever seen. Lead your forces to victory and dominate the Realm in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile MMO experience that delivers massive warfare and thrilling adventures on your device. The possibilities are endless in the Realm. Want to ride a Chocobo to scout an enemy Empire? How about fighting Monsters and raiding their lairs for rare loot? Explore a vast world bursting with content as you build, upgrade, and fight your way to glory. Infantry, mages, cavalry, and siege units are yours to command and level-up. Put your army to the test by fighting alongside your Guild — and even competing in colossal Realm-vs-Realm events! In addition to defeating foes, you can enjoy countless features, including: - Unlock new playable Heroes like Lunafreya, Gladiolus, and Ignis - Build your very own Empire and set powerful Traps to halt your enemies - Craft weapons and armor for your Hero, from Gladiolus’ Hardedge to Aranea Highwind’s signature lance. - Battle Monsters and scavenge their lairs to uncover rare loot. - Chat with players from around the globe, receiving real-time translations in your language Be bold or be destroyed. Summon your strength in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:


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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App Reviews

  • Game play

    By ZxLuLuxZ
    I love this game the only reason I am giving it 4 stars is the glitches if there were less of them it would be a 5 easily. I have gotten far in it and the people in the game are awesome there are the few rude ones but after I will burn them. The longer you play the more lag you get it seems I’ve played since April and then they where no lag now I can’t stay in the game for 10 minutes without bejng kicked
  • Terrible resolution on XR

    By Drholyoak
    The game is beautiful on my iPad. Was beautiful on my iPhone 6s. But on my Xr it’s just terrible. So bad I won’t play on my phone I guess. Sad.
  • Bugs, glitches, and poor releases

    By Jessi Juno
    This game costs a significant amount of money and time to play. I mean thousands of US dollars and hours per day to stay relevant/competitive. With all the money they are making you think that they would have droves of data engineers and developers that would be able to create a well designed system and functional platform. Not so. Lots of bugs and glitches. Lots of releases that show as “test_display_sample1” for example. The chat is a critical component of this game, but it always glitches and the translations are comically terrible. The game will also crash during big events (this is why I found the time to write this review). Another issue is that the developers can control what is in your inventory. Recently, I bought two packs. Each pack cost $99.99 USD (that is going cost per pack). The packs were to gain access to a new release that they happened to release by mistake. They took away the release and took items out of my inventory. After 7 days of back and forth emails, I still wasn’t able to get a refund. This happens a lot of players fairly frequently. Overall it’s a fun game, but be prepared for constant bickering with the developers and to spend money if you want to be competitive and have access to all the release.
  • The offer On doesn’t work

    By user
    I did the offer on from the link and all that and I reached citadel 10 today but I didn’t get my reward!
  • I’m impressed.

    By Aloysem
    I usually hate games like these, but Final Fantasy XV changed my opinion. Very interesting, ton of other players.
  • Harassment

    By Lovelace31
    They let others harass you and lie to get you banned but don’t ban the player harassing and threatening you.
  • It’s good bro

    By ellabrobor
    Very good bro
  • Buyers beware

    By 47810@3
    Customer service or technical support is non existent. They never fix anything and after spending big money 100$ a pack things that you bought either don’t work or magically disappear without them fixing it. Also they punish those who purchase by making the game harder for them. It’s a fun game when it isn’t crashing that is every 10 minutes or so and the techs never ever ever answer outside of a script. Game crashes will cost all the thousands you invest and guess what they won’t fix it or reimburse that either. Beware. It’s a money pit. Can’t grow past lvl 10 without investing money. The irs needs to be contacted. Fire the person over the realm 1521 Ulwaat he is an idiot and so is most of the customer service. 16 hours of event with zero elemental conclaves in the realm to compete the event. They basically steal money and rob in events. The guy who is over this realm is an idiot. And cheats is constantly doing this events with no tools to complete them like no monsters, no magitek, no bandits, now no elemental buildings. DO NOT play this game it is a scam they take the money and don’t give support, constantly ignore, and outright steal from you.
  • Money and bullies

    By MagikWarrior
    If you like to spend money on in-app purchases and like to be a bully, this game is for you. The only way to move up in this game is to spend a lot of time playing and spend a lot of money. Then you can join a bully guild like HC, to keep everyone else down. Was fun in the beginning, but when a level 40 stacks a level 20 fifteen times in a row, gets boring.
  • Needs better customer support

    By FlylowSS
    I think what makes this game is the international community . There are great people in this game and they are the true assets of this game. However the developers customer support is lacking. I’ve ran across a few issues already involving game mechanics. My response was essentially “reload the game. Thanks for playing .” It almost is impossible to advance in the game after a certain point without purchasing extra unlocks and resources , which I don’t mind doing from time to time, but with the response from their customer service I can’t say I’m inclined to do it again.