Xiami Music - Listen Different

Xiami Music - Listen Different

By Hangzhou Miusike Network Technology,Inc.

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Xiami Music - Listen Different App Description

Xiami Radio: AI radio now evoluted! Immerse yourself in the new immersion mode; "Gusse you like", "Listen differently" and etc., all those radios now know you better; Introduce "Time Radio", let music goes with your every moment. Video Channel: New video channel and new video watching experience! Try to fall in the video "water fall"! Auto-play now available! Browsing more fun content without stopping music player. Xiami Musician: New "Original Musician" channel in "Library", explore more possibilities of original music; Discover the original music you loved with personalized recommendation; More selections of “Project XG” and undiscovered Xiami Musicians are waiting for your discovery! Album Score: Know the public reputation of the albums you cared and express your opinions for the albums you loved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note:Xiami Music’s online streaming service is now only available within Chinese Mainland due to copyright


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Xiami Music - Listen Different App Reviews

  • 听不了歌放上来干毛

    By dshjfr
  • This app won’t work anymore!

    By Macro Zhang
    Just like other music app from China mainland, it blocks overseas users, without telling you about it, even if you have their supreme membership. Now 90% of my playlist is not playable. I trying to contact the customer service for explanation and probably a refund, and of course, no one ever reply.
  • 血书歌单正序排列

    By 阿乔乔乔乔乔
  • 为嘛要在美国上架?

    By Congeec
  • 已几乎无歌可放

    By snywvsyvwjxtswb
    来美国之前充了几年的vip结果2019刚开年就说版权问题全部放不了?之前的policy是国际漫游vip可以用 哪里可以退钱呢!?????
  • UGH 😑

    By tingt316
    Please!!!! TELL ME WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG? Many options aren’t even available, like Glorious by Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey. Please do NOT download this app. This app doesn’t even give the real song and I don’t think it’s a very good choice.
  • 华人用着真爽

    By 路飞真名叫赵子牙
  • Limited library of music

    By Zzxy08135
    Can’t play most popular music
  • use to be good

    By Li7772010
    I used to listen to xiami everyday for years but starting 2019, majority of songs i liked went off shelf bc of copy right issues, time to choose a new music platform. Sob..
  • 好看是好看,但是好多音乐都没有版权

    By Forked Lightning